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Sri Lanka has become a very prospective country to invest specially in Tourism industry that shows a significant steady growth from year to year. By 2020 Sri Lanka expect 3,000,000 foreign tourists and need of minimum 50,000 hotel rooms means should add minimum 35,000 new hotel rooms in the industry. Same like facilities such as restaurants and entertainments should also be added newly within the next 6 years time. Sri Lanka Tourism Club is working closely with all state departments including BOI (Board of Investments ) to achieve this tremendous target while offering amazing incentives for foreign investors who are interesting to invest in Sri Lankan tourism. Under Section 16 of the BOI law, The Sri Lankan government permits up to 100% foreign participation in many sectors of the economy, and the BOI provides automatic approval for such investments. Investment in certain restricted sectors is subject to screening and approval is given on a case-by-case basis if the foreign investment exceeds 40%. The BOI (Click Here) is the only organization a foreign investor should contact & its services include providing advice & assistance at every stage of the Investment process. The services provided by BOI are:

  • Information & guidance for project application procedure, coordinating approvals from other Agencies
  • Evaluating applications, granting approvals, with concessions where applicable
  • Providing assistance during start-up, site selection, advising on factory buildings /technical matters, arranging support services e.g. Water, power, waste treatment & telecommunication etc.,
  • Making recommendation to Immigration Authorities for issuing Resident Visas
  • Facilitating Import/Export clearance
  • Advising on Environmental norms/approvals
  • Assistance in good Industrial relations & formation of Employees’ councils